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Top Performers 2013: Part 1--The Big Banks

Banks, Savings Institutions, and BHCs with assets over $10 billion

Top Performers 2013: Part 1--The Big Banks

The first part of the 21st annual ABA Banking Journal bank performance rankings--produced by our long-time partner, Capital Performance Group--gives results for public and private institutions over $10 billion in assets. The rankings are based on year-end 2012 return on average equity.


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In their analysis of the results of the large banks, CPG's Vanessa Mambrino, Richard Colligan and Kevin Halsey note that 2012 "was the year that many banks demonstrated it was entirely possible to generate solid earnings performance in a low-rate, low-growth environment." Two key drivers were mortgage refinancings and increased loan business. The latter in several cases resulted from "acquisitions" of lending officers or loan teams rather than acquisitions of banks and branches.

In this online report, you can read or download the CPG analysis as it appears in the April 2013 print publication. In addition, the ranking tables and a summary table appear below showing data for all institutions in the "public" and "private/foreign-owned" categories. These online tables contain additional data on each institution that was not included in the print edition.

April issue Top Performing Big Banks article

A note on selection criteria

Rankings of all publicly traded banks, savings institutions, and BHCs with assets of $10 billion and up

Rankings of all private and foreign-owned banks and savings institutions with assets of $10 billion and up  

Table of Summary Statistics showing comparisons between the Top 10 public banks and savings institutions and all institutions over $10 billion

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